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Current Mail Order Bride Cost: Everything You Need To Know

by Owen Bartell
How Much Does A Mail Order Bride Cost

Learning how to get mail order bride is one thing, but knowing how much it’s going to cost you is also important. This kind of experience doesn’t come for free, and here is the detailed mail order bride cost.

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Can you actually buy a mail order bride right now?

When researching the current mail order bride price, it’s important to understand that in this day and age, you cannot really buy anyone either online or offline. The mail order brides you meet on the internet make their own decision to get married, and there is no one you can pay to become your wife. If you come upon a dating agency that promises to deliver your mail order bride for a certain payment, it’s most likely a scam.

Why does it cost money to find a mail order bride?

When you first look for answers to the question “How much are mail order brides?”, you cannot help but wonder: why do you need to pay anything at all? However, meeting and marrying a woman from a foreign country is a complex process that consists of multiple steps. Most of those steps require you to spend money to make your search more successful or to prove the seriousness of your intentions.

Mail order bride price: 5 most important aspects

Foreign mail order bride

When we are talking about the mail order bride cost, we don’t mean a set price you pay to someone to get a foreign bride. It’s a combination of several types of expenses that can differ from one situation to another. However, in most cases, your expenses will include the following factors:

Site membership

With most dating sites, you can create your account for free, but you will need to pay for a monthly or yearly membership to show your determination to find a partner and make your profile more visible to the female members of the site.

Communication features

With most sites, a paid membership gives you access to women’s profile and search features, as well as certain contact options, but you may need to pay for the more advanced features separately. It is usually done with credits or another form of in-site currency.

Translation services

When dating foreign ladies, you can often run into a language barrier. Luckily, most reputable dating sites offer translation services to their users. You can hire a translator for chats and video chats, or simply have him or her translate your letters to and from the woman.

Gifts and flowers

If you have long-term plans involving the woman on a dating site, it’s best to make yourself stand out from the competitors. In that case, you can use the gift and flower delivery feature offered by most popular dating sites and even get a photo of the woman with your gift in return.

First real-life meeting

It can take you between several months and over a year of communicating to the woman online before you are both ready to take things further. The first real-life meeting requires you to pay for a visa, plane tickets, accommodations, translation services, and arranging the first date that will get you and your bride even closer.

How much does it cost in total?

Each case of looking for a foreign mail order bride is different and there are numerous factors that can influence the overall cost. At the very least, you should expect to spend between $10,000 and $15,000 from the moment you create an account on a dating site to the end of your first date. For many men, the experience will cost between $20,000 and $30,000, and there are cases where guys spent up to $50,000 on their search and finally meeting their dream woman.

Is it worth it?

For sure! Going for a foreign bride instead of women from your own country may cost you more than dating locally, but it also brings you a number of benefits. Most importantly, you get to marry and spend the rest of your life with a woman who values you, has the features you want to see, and will love you for who you really are. When you imagine life with a wonderful foreign bride who fits your description of an ideal life partner, even the biggest expenses don’t seem like too big of a price to pay.

Final thoughts

By now, you have probably realized that the mail order brides pricing can be very flexible and depends on a number of things, including even your luck — the sooner you meet the woman you will eventually marry, the less money you will spend on your search. Find the most trusted and popular mail order bride websites in our selection and make your search quick and effective!

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