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International Brides: Full Guide And Some Really Useful Facts

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International brides are women who are searching for a foreign husband or for a long-term partner from another country. Most of them seek a partner on special “mail bride” websites, but the international dating services (the ones that are not focused on serious relationships) are quite popular among them, too. You can find international brides from almost any country in the world, but most of these women come from Eastern Europe, South America, and Eastern/Southeastern Asia. Dating and marrying an international bride is completely legal — so your future wife will be able to relocate to the United States and get a green card without any problems.

Here, we’ll tell you more about these women. Who are they? Where to meet them? How much does it cost to find an international bride? We’ll answer all of these questions right now!

International brides — who are they?

Most women on international mail order brides websites are in their 20s and 30s. Of course, it’s possible to find a website with thousands of women in their 40s and 50s, too, but the majority of female members of bride services are younger than that. As for their countries, it’s also simple. Most mail brides are from Asia, Slavic countries, and Latin America. The most popular country when it comes to international brides is the Philippines — women from this country get more K-1 visas than women from Ukraine, Brazil, Japan, and even China. Again, it’s possible to find international brides online from Western Europe, Africa, or Scandinavia — but the absolute majority of them are from Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America.

Most international brides are really family-oriented. These women are not looking for a casual relationship — most of them want to find a lifetime partner and to build a successful family. However, we can’t say that all these women are ready to become stay-at-home mothers. Yeah, that’s how it worked a few decades ago, but now, things have changed and today’s international brides are very modern and Westernized, especially if we’re talking about Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia. Women from Southeast Asian countries are a bit more traditional, but no matter where are they from, they all have one thing in common — almost all of them are ready for marriage and almost all of them make great wives. It’s all about their traditions, cultural beliefs, and about their traditional views on gender roles.

Why are international brides looking for foreign husbands?

As for the reasons why these women start searching for a foreign husband, there’s no one clear answer. Some of them, especially the ones from poor South Asian countries, want to marry a foreigner because they want their future kids to live in a better place. The others, especially Ukrainian and Russian girls, think that American men make better husbands than their local guys (they are not far from the truth, actually). Another thing you should know is that there are very few gold-diggers among these women — so forget all those stereotypes and don’t worry about it.

International Brides

Where to meet international brides?

We recommend you try special brides international websites. They are like international dating sites, but with one huge difference: the women on these sites have really serious intentions. Another difference is that mail bride platforms are typically not free to use. They usually provide some free opportunities, but in almost all cases, you’ll need to pay to send messages or to chat with the women.

There are two types of bride sites regarding the payments. The first ones have a premium subscription system — you pay for the monthly subscription and you can do anything you want. Such websites are often more expensive than the second type of bride platforms — the ones with a “credit”/“token” system where you pay only for the features you use. Most of these websites cost about $25-$50 per month. It might sound too expensive, but it’s actually not as expensive as buying a ticket to another country, booking a hotel there, and paying for the date with a foreign girl. It’s simpler, it’s faster, and it’s really cheaper — that’s why we think you just need to try international brides websites.

International brides: most common questions answered

Now that you know the basic facts about international brides, let’s take a look at a few more questions regarding them.

What countries are international brides from?

There are thousands of international brides from any country in the world — like, you can easily find a Spanish, a French, a Moroccan, or a Cambodian woman who dreams of finding a foreign man. However, these are not the most popular bride countries. The most popular ones are the Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, China, Vietnam, and Colombia. Women from these countries get the most K-1 visas (“fiancée visas”) so they marry American men more often than girls from other world’s countries.

How much does it cost to find an international bride?

When we’re talking about international brides dating, it’s typically cheaper than doing it offline because you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to meet your future bride right away. Basically, the only thing you’ll need to pay for is the premium subscription (or “credits/tokens”) — on the majority of bride websites, it won’t cost you more than $30-$50 per 1 month. Some international bride sites allow their male users to send real gifts and bouquets to their brides, but such gifts are usually extremely expensive.

Is it actually legal?

Yes. Thousands of girls from Asia, South America, and Europe marry American men and get a green card every single year — there’s nothing illegal about it. The only thing you should know is that this “nothing illegal” statement only applies to you if your marriage is bona fide, or true. Both you and your bride will have to prove the immigration officer that your marriage is genuine — but if it’s really genuine, you shouldn’t worry about anything.

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