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What Is The Best Country To Marry A Woman In 2021? Check Out Our Rating!

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Modern technology has given everyone a chance to meet people outside their home country. When you don’t have any obstacles between you and your potential date, even long distance becomes less of a problem. Thousands of people are meeting their future spouses online every year, and there is nothing stopping you from achieving the same. Here are the 5 contenders for the title of the best country to meet a woman.


Thailand is often named as the best country to meet a wife, and it’s hard to argue with this opinion. Thai women are traditionally attractive to Western men and anyone would be proud to have a Thai wife.

What is so special about Thai women?

It goes without saying that you need to spend a lifetime with a Thai lady to truly get to know her. But when you want to decide whether Thailand is the right country for marriage, here are the 5 things men find irresistible about Thai women.

  • Looks. Thai girls look stunning but 100% natural.
  • Cheerful outlook. Thai women always look at the bright side.
  • Devotion. A Thai woman will only have time for you.
  • Easy-going nature. Thai ladies will agree to anything as long as it’s with the right man.
  • Family values. The husband and kids are always a top priority for Thai women.

3 tips for dating Thai girls

A relationship with a Thai woman always precedes marriage, and here are a few ways to make it the best time of your life.

  1. Don’t behave like a typical foreigner. In other words, don’t charm her and then disappear.
  2. Show off your protective side. Thai girls want someone who can protect them.
  3. The relationship needs to evolve quickly. There is no point in dating for years.

Where to meet a Thai lady as a foreigner?

There is no need to go all the way to Thailand when you want to date or marry a Thai girl — you can easily do it online. To save time on finding your perfect spouse, try the EasternHoneys dating site with thousands of beautiful Thai singles.


The Philippines are traditionally named as the best country to meet a woman, especially if you love Asian beauties. Filipino women make amazing girlfriends and even better wives. Here is what you need to know about them.

Why are Filipino women so attractive to men?

You need to spend just a few minutes with a Filipino woman to realize she’s one of the best girls you’ve ever met, but these qualities are particularly attractive to Western guys.

  • Beauty. The appearance of Filipino women is both striking and delicate.
  • Honesty. A Filipino girl will always let you know how she feels.
  • Fearlessness. Filipino ladies will do anything for the people close to them.
  • Love for family. Husband and children are the most important people in her life.
  • Homemaking talents. A Filipino woman is a skilled cook and enjoys housework.

How to date Filipino women: top 3 tips

A relationship with a Filipino girl will help you both decide whether you want to be together forever. Use these 3 tips to date Filipino girls like a pro.

  1. You need to be confident but polite. It’s important to know the difference between confidence and arrogance.
  2. Don’t just talk about her looks. A Filipino woman needs to know you also care about her personality.
  3. Let her know you’re serious about her. Filipino girls only want exclusive, long-term relationships.

Where to find a Filipino woman as a foreign man?

Traveling to the Philippines requires a lot of your time and money, but using a dating site is a much smarter alternative. Our top-rated dating website for dating Filipino women is OrchidRomance, where you can find your ideal woman.


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The discussion about the best country to meet a wife will never be complete without Russia. Russian women have made perfect wives for thousands of Western men, and you can easily achieve the same.

Why are Russian women so popular among foreigners?

The allure of a Russian woman needs no explanation, but if you’ve never met a woman from Russia before, here are their 5 best qualities.

  • Appearance. The beauty of Russian women cannot be overstated.
  • Intelligence. Russian girls love reading and can support any conversation.
  • Appreciativeness. A Russian woman is thankful for everything you’re doing for her.
  • Traditional values. Russian ladies want the same things as you do: family, commitment, and trust.
  • Sincerity. Russian women are always open about their emotions and thoughts.

3 things to know about dating Russian girls

A relationship with a Russian woman is a way for you both to realize that you truly love one another and want to be with each other. These 3 relationship tips will help you.

  1. Make your dates diverse and exciting. Don’t just count on restaurant and cinema outings.
  2. Avoid falling for stereotypes. Russian women hate it when men have preconceptions about them.
  3. Meeting her family is a must. A Russian girl will always want to know her family’s opinion about you.

Where to find Russian women as a foreigner?

A good man in Russia is hard to find, which is why Russian women often resort to online dating. The top dating website for Russian singles is BravoDate, and you should check it out too.


Ukraine often competes with Russia for the title of the best country to meet a woman, and Ukrainian girls will charm you from the start. This is what you need to know before you meet them.

Why men want to date and marry Ukrainian women

Ukrainian women have everything you want to see in a girlfriend or wife, including the following qualities.

  • Elegance and grace. Ukrainian women have a lot of grace and natural beauty.
  • Dedication. You’ll never have to question your woman’s fidelity.
  • Sense of humor. Ukrainian girls know how to have fun, especially in a relationship.
  • Caring nature. Women in Ukraine are natural caregivers for the people they love.
  • Love for children. Ukrainian women are born to be mothers, and they are typically ready for children in their early 20s.

Dating Ukrainian girls: 3 tips for success

A Ukrainian woman is very easy to date, but she will use that time to decide whether she wants to stay with you forever. Here are 3 tips for maximizing your chances of success.

  1. Keep the relationship serious but fun. Dating a Ukrainian woman is always exclusive, but there is always room for fun.
  2. Spend time with her friends. You will get to see your woman in a more natural environment.
  3. Cook together as a romantic activity. Cooking is a comforting activity for Ukrainian girls, and they love doing it with their partners.

Where to meet Ukrainian women as a foreigner?

Online dating is a great alternative to meeting Ukrainian women in person, but not all dating sites are equally safe and effective. Our top suggestion is AmourFactory, which has a big and active Ukrainian female audience.


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Mexico is geographically very close to the US, but it’s very different from a cultural and social standpoint. Mexican women are undeniably attractive for US men, and here is what they are actually like.

Why you can’t go wrong with Mexican women

A Mexican woman has a lot to offer to her potential partner. You can look forward to the following traits of Mexican girls:

  • Attractiveness. The beauty of Mexican women is not up for debate. Their features are striking and completely natural.
  • Fiery character. A relationship with a Mexican girl can be a lot of things, but it’s never boring.
  • Making a lot with very little. Mexican women are resourceful and don’t need a lot to succeed.
  • Protectiveness. Mexican ladies are fiercely protective of their loved ones.
  • Desire to follow your lead. A Mexican woman will fully trust your instincts and agree with you on everything.

3 tips for making your relationship with a Mexican girl successful

A Mexican woman will only agree to marry you when you’ve had a good relationship for some time. Here is how to date Mexican girls with the best results.

  1. Don’t boast about material things. Mexican women love successful guys, but they don’t like arrogant men.
  2. Be upfront about your feelings. A Mexican woman will love to hear how you are in love with her.
  3. Learn to enjoy new things. Your lifestyle will probably be very different from your woman’s lifestyle, so you’ll have to adjust it.

Where to meet Mexican women as a foreign man?

In 2021, there is no need to go directly to Mexico when you want to find a Mexican woman to date or marry. Your top option is LoveFort, a website with thousands of Mexican singles looking for foreign partners.

To sum up

You may be only now considering international marriage for the first time, but it’s been around for decades. At one point, 1 in 5 spouses of US citizens were born outside the United States, and this trend is likely to continue to grow. Marriage to a foreign woman can give you the things you’ve always wanted from a relationship. As long as you correctly choose the best country to marry a woman and pick the right dating website that meets your needs, you will enjoy the kind of marriage you’ve always wanted with the woman you love.


Why are foreign women interested in Western men?

There are many reasons why international dating attracts so many foreign women. Most of them are looking for stability, better living conditions, and a genuine attraction.

Should I be worried about a language barrier?

The majority of foreign women you meet online have different first languages. However, they usually know English well enough to communicate with foreign guys.

Which male qualities do foreign women find essential?

Foreign women don’t really choose husbands based on some list of desired features. All they want from a man is respectful treatment, an ambitious nature, and the desire to protect his woman.

Is it hard to bring a foreign woman into the US?

Not at all! There is even a special procedure for bringing a foreign woman into the United States as your future spouse. You will need to apply for a K-1 visa for your woman.

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