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Charming And Loyal Russian Brides

by Owen Bartell
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Russia is one of the first countries that jump to mind when you think about foreign women, and for a good reason. Even though Russia is thousands of miles away, it is one of the most attractive destinations for the fans of Slavic women. Here is why you should also consider Russian mail order brides as potential life partners.

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Top 5 best things about Russian women for marriage

Russian brides have so many advantages that we can talk about them for hours, but you probably don’t have the time. If you want to know exactly what is so special about Russian girls that keeps attracting Western guys, here are five of their best features to get you started.

Buying a Russian bride

Girls from Russia are very good-looking

Obviously, you can’t pick your potential partner for life based on appearance alone, but it’s still an important factor in your choosing process. Luckily, the beauty of Russian women is known far beyond the country’s borders. Russian girls are the epitome of Slavic beauty with their mild facial features, long light-brown hair, and lovely feminine figures. Beautiful Russian women are not too bold with their makeup and fashion choices, but their look is always appropriate and meticulously styled.

They are well-educated and witty

In Russia, education is so widely available that women are currently outnumbering men when it comes to higher education (Source). Most Russian mail order brides have at least one university degree in addition to their natural curiosity. A Russian girl can effortlessly support a conversation on any topic and surprise you with her quick wit and sense of humor even in the most stressful situation.

Pretty Russian ladies don’t rush into marriage

Over the past decade, the average first marriage age in Russia increased significantly (Source). These days, Russian women are not too eager to get married in their teens or early twenties. They prefer to get an education, start their careers, and find a footing before getting married and starting a family.

They constantly work to become better

For a Russian woman, life is a constant journey of self-improvement. If the woman is aiming for career heights, she is always looking for new courses to attend for professional advantage. When she is a stay-at-home mother and wife, she is constantly learning new ways to make life for her family better. Russian girls want to be better for themselves and their partners.

Russian wives will impress you with their homemaking skills

Unlike many Western women, Russian brides consider homemaking to be a purely women’s priority. They cannot stand having an unclean house, and they will never allow their family to go to work or school without a nutritious breakfast, not to mention a delicious dinner to gather the whole family at the dinner table. You can rest assured your Russian wife will assume all the chores and won’t pressure you into sharing them.

5 famous Russian women you should know about

Throughout its history, Russia has produced numerous outstanding female personalities who are known not only for their ethereal beauty, but also for their professional accomplishments. These are the 5 most famous Russian women of the 21st century.

  • Maria Sharapova. She is as widely praised for her tennis achievements as she is for her fairytale-like appearance. Maria built an impressive career in tennis and shows no signs of slowing down.
  • Natalia Vodianova. Natalia, who is one of the most acclaimed models to have come out of Slavic countries, has one of the most unbelievable backstories. In addition to her supermodel status, she is also known for her charity work.
  • Alina Kabaeva. When she first graced the mats as a rhythmic gymnast, sports fans instantly noticed both her athletic talent and her stunning looks. Alina has retired as a professional athlete, but her career and beauty are still in their prime.
  • Anna Kournikova. Anna became the first Russian female athlete of the 21st century to achieve worldwide fame. The lovely blonde tennis player had millions of spectators glued to the screen while she was playing, and she remains popular even after retiring.
  • Irina Shayk. The modeling world is becoming more and more competitive, but Irina Shayk clearly has what it takes to succeed. Her rise to the supermodel title has been impressively swift, which is not surprising given how gorgeous, sexy, and talented she is.

Why do Russian singles want to marry foreign guys?

Russian woman for sale

Marrying a Western man is a very popular idea among Russian singles. They see marriage to a foreigner as a way to upgrade their quality of living, get access to better education and career opportunities, and build a better life for themselves and their future children. However, the decision to marry a foreign man is not purely pragmatic for Russian mail order brides. They also view the good-looking, smart, open-minded, generous, and suave Western men as a welcome alternative to Russian guys and can easily imagine themselves being married to one of them.

Where can you meet hot Russian girls?

The idea of going to Russia to find your ideal Russian woman can be attractive, but there is a very slim chance it will actually work. Not all Russian singles you meet will be open to the idea of moving abroad forever, so you may end up spending lots of time and money on your search and come back with nothing. On the other hand, joining a Russian dating site, where thousands of lovely mail order brides can’t wait to meet their perfect match, is a much more effective way of meeting a Russian woman you can eventually marry.

Dating a Russian woman: 5 best tips

If you are getting ready to date your first-ever Russian mail order bride, the good news is that the dating culture in the country is not very exotic and you don’t need any specific knowledge to be successful at dating Russian brides. However, these 5 tips will help you build a great relationship from the start.

  • Never expect her to make the first move. Women in Russia are conditioned to play coy and not be too forthcoming with men, which is why you should never expect the lady to reach out to you first. However, when the woman is truly interested in you, you can look forward to subtle signs of her attention.
  • Russian women don’t pay on the dates. No matter how modern Russian women currently are and how much they want to be viewed as equals to men, they will never willingly offer you to share the bill after a restaurant date. However, a Russian bride can treat you to coffee and sweets from time to time.
  • Find some shared views and interests. When you and your Russian bride are from completely different worlds, it’s often very easy to focus only on your differences. However, discovering the little similarities in your worldview can be a very delightful experience.
  • Get close to the people she loves. The people in your bride’s social circle — specifically, her family members and friends — are not only her support system, but also a huge influence on her opinions. Getting those people to like you won’t just give you new friends, but will also increase your chances of marrying a Russian woman.
  • Discuss your long-term plans. Since you two are focused on a serious relationship and don’t treat your romance as a fling, you need to know that you are on the same page in the most important aspects of life, including marriage, children, career, family budget, where to live, and so on, so that there are no unpleasant surprises along the way.

Final thoughts

Russian mail order brides are undeniably popular with Western men, but they are just a part of the amazing Slavic brides online you can meet with just a few clicks. Don’t limit your dating options any longer — choose one of the trusted and legit dating sites reviewed by us and find a Russian mail order bride who will make you a forever happy man.

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