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Who Iceland Girl For Marriage And Dating Really Is?

by Owen Bartell
Icelandic Brides

Gorgeous Scandinavian brides are quite popular among American men. However, if you would like to marry Icelandic girl, you need to know who this sophisticated lady really is. So without further ado, let us have a look at the Icelandic woman’s personality and their most common traits.

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Modesty and self-restraint

Most Icelandic women are quite reserved. They simply don’t like showing their emotions as well as sharing their secrets with people they hardly know. For that same reason, these ladies usually don’t have many friends and prefer to spend their free time with their families rather than going to loud parties. Due to their unemotional nature, Icelandic women might seem cold and indifferent but in fact, these girls are kind-hearted.

Respect to nature

Icelandic woman looking for men

Icelandic women are lucky to live in an extremely picturesque part of the world. These women grew up watching polar lights, walking around magnificent wild beaches, and living near volcanoes, so no wonder why these girls are so into nature. They love the outdoors and camping, and just enjoy spending time outside, especially with their beloved ones. Such a girlfriend will be a perfect match for the men who like ecotourism and respect people who care about nature.


Once these women are in love, other men simply stop existing for them. The thing is these girls take a lot of time to find their perfect partner, which is why once they find this person, they are likely to decide to spend their life with him. So naturally, cheating and divorces are relatively uncommon in Iceland: in most European countries the divorce rates are about 50%, but in Iceland it’s only 36%.


Not only are these beautiful women loyal but also notoriously patient and humble. As a matter of fact, Icelandic women prefer to solve all the problems and misunderstandings by means of a conversation rather than a pointless fight, which makes it easy to discuss any problems with them. Such a woman is a great match for those men who are looking for an emotionally mature and mentally stable partner.

Love to exploring the world

Iceland mail-order brides adore traveling. However, a good vacation for these ladies is definitely not just chilling by the pool: they love exploring the places nobody has seen yet and just enjoy nature. Therefore, if you are an adventurous traveler too, such a woman is going to be a perfect partner for you.

Where to meet an Iceland girl to marry?

Beautiful Iceland bride

Many of you probably already know that the best way to find reputable mail order brides is a mail-order bride service. In fact, these agencies offer a huge variety of gorgeous Scandinavian women such as Icelandic, Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian mail order brides. These services are quite affordable as well as allow the users to easily and quickly find the woman of their dreams. In addition to that, you get to know a woman online before meeting her in real life, which helps you figure out whether a particular girl is the right person for you.

Perhaps the coolest thing about dating platforms is the fact that most of them are completely free to register. However, pretty much all the services these agencies offer are paid. So you will probably have to purchase a subscription in order to be able to chat with the women on those platforms. In general, mail-order bride services and dating sites are very helpful, so do not hesitate and give it a shot!

Icelandic brides in relationships and marriage

Icelandic women need a lot of time to open up to another person as well as feel comfortable in a relationship. This is why your relationship with a woman from Iceland is probably going to progress really slowly. At the same time, as we have already mentioned above, once these women feel like their partner is the one, they are ready to dedicate their entire life to this person. In other words, these women are extremely loyal, but keep in mind that they expect their partners to be loyal, too.

As a rule, these women dream of a big family and lots of kids. As a matter of fact, They are ready to give up their careers for the sake of their families and be housewives, which is a sacrifice not every woman is willing to make. Apart from that, Icelandic brides adore children and strive to have as many kids as possible. Some of these women also dream of adopting a kid and giving them a better life. Moreover, in case you have kids from a previous marriage, your Icelandic wife will be more than happy to become a mom for them. As you can see, these women are quite family-oriented and dream of a big and friendly family. Therefore, if you feel like you are ready for commitment and marriage, one of Icelandic girls can be a perfect match for you.

Final thoughts

An Iceland girl for marriage is pretty much everything a man can possibly need. Patient, calm, loyal, and stunningly gorgeous, such a woman is no doubt a perfect wife for many of you. In addition to that, these women are family-oriented as well as willing to give up their careers and hobbies to be good moms and wives. Despite they might be as cold as Icelandic winters, these girls are actually very warm-hearted and sweet, which makes them simply perfect for marriage. So if you think that this Northern beauty is a good match for you, head to a dating site and meet your love today.

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