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What Makes Colombian Brides Special: Values, Behavior, And Culture

by Owen Bartell
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The ethnic mix of the descendants of European colonialists, the local Indian population, and African slaves made Colombia’s culture its unique trademark. Colombian brides are so pleasant and polite in communication that they could instantly make anyone fall in love with them. They attract Western men with their relaxed perception of the world, readiness to deal with any issues, and strict adherence to their moral values. On the other hand, however, Colombians are mysterious and complicated. Colombian mail order wives have different personalities, and each one is unique, making it hard to tell about them in one sentence.

colombian mail order bride

However, one can see common features; for example, Colombians are cheerful and chilled people who (sometimes, this can be called laziness) rarely are in a hurry. They are great jokers, and it’s easy to communicate with them. However, locals can be too noisy, and they constantly interrupt each other in conversations. Thus, when meeting mail order brides from Colombia, be prepared that their mentality might be very contrasting to yours. Nevertheless, it’s not a big problem because some differences in the views won’t become insurmountable challenges when people are in love. Actually, almost all Latin brides have something in common, so if a man is attracted to women of this nationality, he has a wide range of choices.

Surely, there is something citizens of other countries can learn from the Colombians. Namely, optimism and readiness to see something positive in any, seemingly hopeless situation. They find it easy to communicate with strangers and make all the tourists feel welcomed when smiling and asking about their plans. Moreover, another thing that makes Colombians stand out among others is their language, known as Colombian Spanish. In each Latin country, there are unique words which could be understood only by locals. When listening carefully to their conversations, a Western gentleman can notice how this process reflects their mentality, thinking, and attitude to life. Now, let’s talk more about Colombian brides!

The ideals of beauty followed by Colombian women

Fairly speaking, there is some kind of a “beauty starter pack” every Colombian girl for marriage strives to obtain. Usually, it includes long and thick hair that is styled with the hair straightener, skin of caramel tone, snow-white smile, hour-glass shaped body, great chest, and little nose. Such girls are considered to represent the definition of local glory and are the winners of numerous beauty contests. They can boast with a successful combination of the most remarkable features of their ancestors, Spaniards and Indians.

However, among the reasons why Colombian brides marriage with foreigners is so popular is that local men don’t appreciate these girls’ beauty and take them for granted. They pay greater attention to European or American females with light skin and blues eyes, making local women feel underrated. Many mail order brides for sale have a simple attitude to clothes and their style. Colombian wives can wear jeans and shirts and look as stunning as if they were wearing heels and short dresses. However, a man shouldn’t be worried because when a local woman decides to make him say “wow,” she would wear a gorgeous outfit so he can understand what a beautiful lady a gentleman bagged himself!

The importance of family to mail order brides from Colombia

colombian woman

Colombian family values have been formed back in the 15th century under the influence of Spaniards and the Catholic Church. Local marriage traditions are also interesting as there are two types of marriage ceremonies. Namely, civil registration, which is obligatory, and a church wedding. It is enough for a man to tell his parents that he is going to get married, but he has to receive the Colombian bride’s parents consent and blessing to implement this decision.

In general, Colombian mail order wives live with their parents for a long period, before they get married, even if they are independent, work, or go to college. All family members respect each other and have deep connections, spending a lot of time together. They often have small gatherings, where men can expect to eat delicious food, dance, and hug and kiss other family members. At such parties, an American guy needs to get out of his comfort zone and put effort towards building his reputation in the eyes of his lady’s relatives.

Although this is a country of traditions, time has put its imprint on the locals’ views. Nowadays, patriarchal families are becoming extinct because duties and rights are becoming equally divided between husbands and wives. Also, there is one of the lowest divorce rates in the world in Colombia, only 9%. There are many single people in the country, 33% of the total population, so Western men could easily marry a Colombian girl and not worry that some other guy might also have his eyes on her.


Thus, we have discovered that Colombian women for marriage are among the most cheerful and attractive across the globe. They have clear goals and values and can boast of sporty bodies and fantastic appearances. Local ladies are ready to build families with Western gentlemen and will surround them with love and care. If you feel like Colombian mail order brides are your type, don’t hesitate and take action towards meeting the love of your life!

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