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Lithuanian Brides — How To Find, Date and Marry

by Owen Bartell

The Republic of Lithuania is a country in the Baltic region of Europe that is popular for its landscapes, picturesque forests, and gorgeous seaside with sandy beaches and golden amber. But amber is not the only treasure that you can find in this country. The biggest jewel of Lithuania is its gorgeous women. Beautiful Lithuanian brides are among the most desired Baltic brides.

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If you find Lithuanian girls attractive and want to try dating women from this country, here are some tips on doing it right. If you are not sure what to do to find a bride, we will help you explore your options. Stay with us to learn the most effective ways to meet Lithuanian girls online.

Where can I meet legit Lithuanian mail order bride?

Lithuanian woman looking for men

Pretty Lithuanian wives are the dream of every man. They are stunning, loyal, traditional, and, by the way, they are also great lovers, which explains their popularity. If you are also interested in meeting a beautiful girl from the country, here are the main options you have:

Traveling to Lithuania

The first thing that might pop up in your mind if you want to meet attractive Lithuanian ladies is to travel to the country itself. Such a trip can not only be an exciting love journey but also a great holiday. However, it requires a lot of expenses, and you’ll need to find time in your busy schedule.

Trying international dating

One of the most popular and effective ways to connect with women from various countries is to meet wives online. Online dating is easy and doesn’t require any prior experience. All you need to do is choose a website you like and contact stunning hotties ready for communication. Besides, a lot of websites are offering free trial periods or grant new users free bonuses to test out the platform and its services, so benefit from it!

Why are foreign men interested in Lithuanian women?

Many Western men looking for stunning Lithuanian mail order brides have serious intentions, and they have great chances to start a serious relationship, as these women are seeking husbands and boyfriends, too. So, the main reason to date beauties from Lithuania is a good possibility to meet a single girl who is ready to become a mother and a wife. Also, Lithuanian women significantly outnumber men in Lithuania and such demographic disproportion makes Western’s chances even higher.

Wives from Lithuania do make good partners and are perfect ‘wifey’ material because of their traditional values and bright personality. However, even though Lithuanian mail order brides are open to international relationships, they are in demand and are not easy to get. You should know how to woo them and stand out in a crowd of their admirers. So let’s discuss how to do just that.

How to win the heart of Lithuanian wives?

Lithuanian brides for sale

We gathered some tips on building a strong connection and making a good impression on hot Lithuanian brides that you meet online or IRL:

  • Have passion for life. Single Lithuanian women are curious about the life of other countries, foreign people, events, and places, especially if they have never been abroad. They are also drawn to the idea of finding a partner to explore the world with, so if you adore traveling, you can find a great companion among Lithuanian girls.
  • Show interest in her & her culture. Showing interest in where she is from is both flattering and shows that you care. Just note that showing interest may result in a lengthy history lesson but is worth listening to. Best of all, almost everyone under 30 is fluent in English, so you don’t have to worry about a language barrier.
  • Be confident. A confident man has a high chance of winning the heart of Lithuanian singles. You don’t need to be pushy or cocky. Just make sure that your girl understands your intentions and your role in her life.

Lithuanian dating culture

The dating culture in the country is quite traditional: men are usually considered the leaders of the relationship, and it is a man who makes all most important decisions and takes the initiative. However, to get very close on the first date isn’t the first initiative to be taken in Lithuania. The first date’s standard advice is to be romantic, but not try to take your relationship to “another level” after an hour of communication.

Also, lovely Lithuanian women want to meet an attentive and interesting partner. So share your passions, future plans, open up about your family and so on. Building a deeper connection and bond is extremely important to these beauties. If you don’t establish a bond, your relationship won’t last for long.


Beautiful Lithuanian brides are definitely worth the effort you put into meeting and dating them. If you feel like a girl from Lithuania can make you happy, join a trustworthy international dating website and find a soulmate you deserve.

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