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Hot Estonian brides — How To Date Estonian women?

by Owen Bartell
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Hot Estonian mail order brides are a dream of many men. They are sexy and charming and know how to make men go crazy about them. Those beauties have a unique appeal that hits the hearts of foreign men like no other. If you adore the beauty of these women and want to find a mail order bride from Estonia, continue reading our article. Also, explore the world of Estonian dating and the peculiarities of their culture with us!

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Who are Estonian mail order brides?

Beautiful Estonian brides are single ladies that want to find a foreign man for romantic long-distance relationships. They register to international dating sites to seek real connections and love and most of them dream about long-term serious relationships.

Women in Estonia are blessed with rare beauty, pale skin, and fair hair. Many of them have light blue or green eyes. Pretty Estonian women tend to be of average height and usually toned feminine figure. Those beauties have everything that it takes to be great partners. Their core values include:

  • Straightforward — Stunning Estonian girls don’t like to play games. If a girl likes you, she’ll let you know.
  • Independent — Beautiful Estonian singles tend to be in charge of their lives and not depending on anyone just right after they hit the legal age.
  • Supportive — That’s an excellent quality of many wives from Estonia. They know how to inspire and help their boyfriend or husband be the best version of himself.
  • Funny — Estonian brides can also boast an excellent sense of humor, which can be quite different from the American one, though.

Note that those are just generalizations that are common for girls from Estonia, but that doesn’t mean that all of them can boast of all these traits.

How to date Estonian girls?

Estonian girl online

Learning how to date an Estonian woman is like learning a new skill. It is challenging before things start to flow. Regardless of whether you met your girl online or IRL, you should know and keep in mind a few cultural differences.

Silence is fine

Silence is something that you really can enjoy if you are with an Estonian girl. If your small talk isn’t flowing at dinner, this doesn’t mean the date is going downhill. Awkward silence doesn’t exist for single Baltic women and talking too much is a turn-off. In Estonia, spending time with the beloved ones is valuable time, and your girl will really appreciate such cozy silent moments of your love and understanding.

Estonian wives aren’t used to compliments

Don’t be surprised if you compliment an Estonian woman and receive a humble response riddled with disbelief. Although they are just gorgeous and are considered one of the most attractive girls on the globe, the mail order brides from Estonia see themselves as average. Men in Estonia are surrounded by stunning beauties all the time, and they tend to neglect it, which is actually one of the reasons why Estonian wives are into foreign men.

Estonian brides dating peculiarities

One of the biggest things you need to know about dating in Estonia is that they are traditional. Even though they are not afraid of physical contact, they would start all that romance only after at least one date. However, if you understand that your girl really likes you and her eyes are glistening with admiration — just go ahead, but slowlier than you would in a European or a Western country.

Estonian woman for marriage

Still, everything depends on a woman and happens at a different pace. Intimacy question is bothersome for a lot of guys who are going to date Estonian women, but you should just start and politely and slowly take your communication to other levels, that’s not that hard.

Tips for an ideal date with Estonian singles

When you fill that it’s time to move your online relationship to IRL, here is some advice on what to do on a first date:

  1. Make sure to pick her up if she’s okay with it
  2. Greet her with a small gift
  3. Plan your date but don’t follow it step-by-step in case your feelings start to flow and change
  4. Enjoy the time together

Taking her to the local restaurant is always a good idea. But planning your date, keep in mind that the people of Estonia are quite introverted. So do your best to create an intimate space.

Final thoughts

Those ladies cook well, do excellent housework, are very intelligent, curious about other cultures, and attentive, loving partners. Who wouldn’t love a stunning partner with traditional values? If you want to date a gorgeous Estonian mail order brides, look through a variety of ladies waiting for you on dating sites.

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